Committee Structure

Hetton Hawks CC (“the club”) has recognised the need to manage business through a split structure of a central managing committee and sub-committees. The club’s policy is that the managing committee (“the committee”) will maintain overall governance of all business carried out on behalf of the club by sub-committees (“SCs”).  The club has a membership over 100 and a wide range of activities for its members.

The committee members for 2016 / 2017 are:

Chairman: Mike Charlton

Vice-Chair: Richard Cleathero

Secretary: Peter Abbs

Welfare Officer: Julie Errington

Welfare Officer: Katy Cleathero

Welfare Officer: Alan Ramsey

Lay Member: Peter Jarps

Lay Member: John Hall

Lay Member: Tony Hodgeson

Sub Committees

Coaching: Mike Hoy

Events: Dave Mclean

Membership: Katy Cleathero

Awards: Nicola Charlton

Racing: Lisa Cooke

Treasurer: Nicola Charlton

Equipment: Barry Hadnum

The club is ran by volunteers for the benefit of all members and the committee represent your views, so please take the time to talk to the relevant member and ensure they are aware of any ideas, thoughts or concerns so we can act upon them and make the marginal gains we strive for throughout the year.